How to arrange the staircase in the living room?

How to arrange the staircase in the living room?

Luck, you have a floor or a mezzanine! And boom ! You realize that a staircase takes up space, it's not always pretty, and some seem less safe than others. But rest assured, it is full of ideas to melt the stairs in your living room, in your decoration and of course in your way of life. On the march (s)?

Looking for functionality

The simplest idea is to seek to make the most of the space under the stairs: sloping, a little cramped but nevertheless essential, it only asks to serve! If the staircase adjoins the entrance, a closed cupboard can accommodate winter shoes, jackets and coats, or even serve as logistics premises: because the vacuum cleaner, the ironing board, household products, shoe polish, the bulb reserves, the tools, and even the suitcases… Wherever it is, it's not really the things we want to see. So why not in the cupboard under the stairs? Packed, it's weighed.

Create a sitting area

What if we said to ourselves that under the stairs, it can also be a bit like under the roofs, with a cozy inclined panel that creates intimacy? A super comfortable armchair, a pretty auxiliary lamp, why not a plant, magazines… So much for the relaxation version! Because this space can easily accommodate an office, with an advantage in terms of layout: embedded in the staircase, your office can offer lots of storage without encroaching on the living space. It is up to you to find a comfortable seat for working, whether discreet or on the contrary with an assertive aesthetic.

© Leroy MerlinA desk built under the stairs, and a pretty colorful chair

What if you made the wall?

Yes, let's talk about escape! Spirit, sight, to have fun, play, compose ... Because this large staircase wall against which you can not lean a piece of furniture, it is also a giant canvas for all your desires! Let's go for a mosaic of frames, in a Scandinavian, industrial, colorful or black and white style, have the phrases you like, photos, images, juxtapositions that speak and please you. Do you prefer decorative items? Never mind ! Do not hesitate to play with small shelves on the wall by playing on the height. And for a more rural aspect, you can also opt for small crates, ideal for housing your most beautiful objects, and even small plants!

© Rip 3D We forget the stairs, with a splendid wall of photos

Let there be light !

Very concretely, a staircase is a passage zone, would we dare to say of danger? And which creates, under him, a gray area. In short, it's a place we like to light, and it's even better with a back and forth system that allows you to manage the lighting both from above and from below! The problem is that the harsh light, at night for a glass of water, at night in a cocooning atmosphere, is violence. So make way for the wall lights, all pretty and with very soft lighting, and if you like mirrors, don't forget that they reflect natural light nicely. Vertical, narrow mirrors, with black and metallic frames, along a staircase like a trompe l'oeil to create a workshop canopy, it can be splendid! You can also opt for an open shelf, with bottomless lockers, to create storage while allowing light to pass through.

© Hiroyuki Oki - MM House: MM architects A bottomless shelf, to reveal a flashy staircase

It's me who did it !

No, we do not advise you to do a carpentry CAP to make your staircase. But ! There are 2 or 3 things you can do yourself to freshen up this space. For the steps, do not hesitate to sand the wood to make the wood appear lighter. You can then choose to paint them, for a staircase full of pep's, or choose wallpaper or squares of cement to decorate the risers. If you are concerned about noise, there are of course stair mats. In the idea it's a bit cheesy, or English, but in fact it's very cozy! You can also set your sights on the ramp: in wood, cable, rope, wrought iron, with a glass railing ... Finally, a staircase is a small constraint for great freedom!

© Robb Restyle - LonnyChic and inexpensive, wallpaper steps!