4 reasons to argue when you live together

4 reasons to argue when you live together

Living together is often the opposite of the honeymoon. A beard in the sink or a raised toilet seat is enough to create electricity in the air of the house. But then what makes the man and the woman agree on the reasons ... for their disagreement? Answer in this article which puts the scenes of households in the spotlight.

Household chores, a reason for frequent argument in the life of two

Dirty plates drag in the sink, the trash overflows, dust collects on the furniture and he / she does not move from the sofa? Take a deep breath ... The distribution of household chores is one of the main subjects of contention when you live together! Because no, we don't all have the chance to fall on the cordon bleu, enamored of squared beds and well-ironed shirts. This type of individual, if it exists well (in women as in men: yes, if!) Is rather rare (especially in men besides - it is not me who say it, these are the statistics ). So unless you have drawn the jackpot (if this is the case, I invite you to go directly to the next paragraph), you will have to pull your spouse a little bit from the sofa before the seat (from sofa) does not end up deformed by the weight of its inertia ... No need to be fooled by the Sunday dish burned in the oven or the pretty brand of iron he / she left on the collar of your shirt to prove yourself his incompetence: it's a trick, and we're not going to do it to you!

Among the main reasons for housekeeping scenes: housekeeping!

DIY and renovation work: a source of disputes

"I told you to start by breaking through the walls", "The sconces are completely crooked", "Oh my God, there is a big water leak in the wall" ... Undertaking renovations is often the opportunity to realize, with amazement (and trembling of the walls that threaten to collapse), that the man is no more expert in DIY ... than the woman is a fairy home! And no, making a hole in the wall without blowing up the electricity is not innate. The same goes for the installation of rods, the assembly of the kitchen in kit, the fixing of the wall shelf or the installation of wallpaper (or parquet). As much DIY work as subjects of discord which make couples ... completely hammer! So much so that we sometimes come to think that DIY should be a compulsory coefficient 8… in the baccalaureate!

DIY: source of disputes!

Storage, the starting point for many cleaning scenes

Point of view 1: His dirty socks are enthroned in the middle of the room, his clothes (clean or dirty, we don't know anymore) form a mound - what am I saying a mountain - on the bedroom chair, his desk is literally upside down, and the worst part is that this nightmarish shambles don't even seem to bother him / her… Point of view 2: He / she is completely obsessive-compulsive obsessive! Like sorting books in alphabetical order, sorting spices by color, and folding clothes squared. I try to tidy up, however, but nothing helps: he / she berates me all the time ... And no, we are not all equal when it comes to tidying up. Some people like order, others like disorder and when the two tendencies come together and of course: it sparks.

How to surely annoy a maniac spouse: leave your dirty shoes and socks lying around in the middle of the living room!

Toilet seat raised

"Frankly Nico, you could lower the toilet seat, m ****!", "In what language should I tell you", "It is disgusting" ... This cleaning scene seems like something lived? Normal, the toilet seat is an eternal subject of contention within the couple! To believe that the inventor of the toilet seat was in cahoots ... with men! "You are going to see what you are going to see guys, I am going to put a flap system on them, it will annoy them!" ... Because Nico, strangely, is not of Ms. Clean's opinion: "No but wait , if it bothers you, all you have to do is lower it, the telescope, and that's it! "... to which Madame Propre replies:" It is not up to me to lower it since it is you who raised it "..." Maybe but I raise it well each time and I do not complain ... ME! "Oops ... and if he was right? Never mind ... Ladies, you can always fall back on the flush that has not been drawn, the roll of toilet paper that has not been changed or the tube of toothpaste that has not been filled. The arguments in the couple, it spices up the life to two and it is (sometimes) constructive!