5 raw materials to glean from nature for your holiday decorations

5 raw materials to glean from nature for your holiday decorations

Not the desire - or not the budget - to hang out in stores during this period, looking for decoration accessories for the holidays? Don't you want to bring out for the umpteenth year the eternal metal balls and the electric garland? Never mind, there are many free alternatives to blow a breath of fresh air on your holiday decor! We support you by presenting you with 5 raw materials to be gleaned from nature, as the holidays approach. No need to wait until the last minute to pick them up, on the contrary: all will keep for several weeks, subject to some precautions. Not to mention the benefit of the ride that we offer and which will be a privileged opportunity to air your body and mind during this very intense period. Follow us !

Natural or painted pebbles for a soothing decor

With their soft reliefs and their small bursts of quartz, the pebbles are the stars of Zen decoration. But not only ! A certain sense of staging or even a few touches of paint is enough to make them leave their wise figure in favor of a festive air. The only limits will be those of your imagination! So where to find them? On the beaches or at the edge of mountain streams, where the ebb and flow are strong enough to polish the stones. If you do not have the possibility of recovering it in nature, there remains the option of garden centers, keeping in mind that packaging is important (several liters). This remains interesting in case you want to share it with friends or use it to dress the base of your potted plants for example.

Not content with being decorative, the pebbles are also stress-relieving. Take one in your hand and you will see!

Our decor tip: Your decoration will probably be just as ephemeral as the moment of celebration for which you made it. What do you think of favoring erasable paints - like slate or gouache paint - and giving up the layer of varnish? These paintings will easily leave under a jet of water, making your pebbles endlessly reusable, according to your imagination. You can even choose to return them to nature once the festivities are over!

Dry branches: the most obvious alternative to fir!

Not everyone has the place - or does not wish - to bring a tree home for the holidays. The most minimalist, most natural and among the least expensive alternative? Opt for dry branches. The graphics are obvious, and when it comes to style, it's everyone's imagination that will make the difference. Bombed - snow or metallic - for some, kept natural and hung high for others, everything is allowed when you think of saving - nearby -, a free area on which Santa Claus can drop your gifts!

Once thus adorned with colors and light, the forest will no longer recognize its young…

Our decor tip: You already have a tree but the idea of ​​a decoration based on branches still appeals to you? Never mind, use their decorative power on a smaller scale, to decorate your winter planters and pots, both indoors and outdoors.

Pine cones, fruits that crunch with your eyes!

Half branch half fruit, the pine cone has an indisputable graphic rendering. Large like a palm, barely larger than a child's handcuff, long and thin - that of spruce -, or the size of a sugar stone - that of cypress -, it has many faces that allow it to serve a wide decorative palette. No risk of wilting as far as it is concerned, on the contrary. Pine cones will be even better in your cozy interiors - where they will flourish - than in the humidity of the undergrowth which causes their scales to tighten.

The pine cones are so decorative that a few are enough to produce a hyper graphic decor

Our decor tip: Do not skimp on the quantity when you go to the forest in search of these small decorative cones, especially if you have a fireplace or a wood stove. Pine cones make excellent fire starters, so much more natural - and aesthetic - than those on the market. Fill a full wicker basket, or a large glass container, and combine business with pleasure. And if you are seduced by their decorative effect to the point of not wanting to burn them all winter, free to you!

Nature is full of green branches, even in winter: help yourself!

Many trees and shrubs remain green all year round, to the delight of gardeners who fear monotony in the garden or who wish blackout hedges. These branches take all their decorative power when winter comes, by their intense color, their varnished appearance and their longevity once cut. The tree - emblematic plant of Christmas - is far from the only essence at your disposal when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays. Even for the needs of the traditional advent wreath, you can prefer holly or laurel, and why not boxwood for a more casual touch or thuja for a more contemporary note.

It is the easiest raw material to work with! Choose one or more species, and assemble them as you wish!

If you live in the city, with no prospect of walking in the forest for the next few weeks, it's time to take a fresh look at the imposing and mono-block hedge of your neighbor in the housing estate. Get closer. Do you see thin branches with a fairly graphic design? If yes it is won! Not to mention that your neighbor will probably be happy to give you a few branches in exchange for a bit of conversation. For those who have a foot in the countryside or the possibility of moving, a stroll in the forest will allow you to stock up on more classic plants. Finally, for those who can only rely on the resources of garden centers to source plants, bet without restraint on the sure values ​​of eucalyptus and rosemary. Our decor tip: If you pick your branches well in advance of the holidays, keep them outside - the cold keeps -, and place the stems in the water until you are ready to use them.

Vegetable moss for a cozy and relaxing decor

It is enough to contemplate a small tuft of foam to instantly feel our mind settle. Where does this almost magical faculty come from? The fact that you have to kneel to pick it up, and that this humble posture is enough to bring us back to ourselves? Or because when we look at it closely, we are dazzled - even unconsciously - by the richness of this microcosm, barely as big as a fist? Like its plant counterparts, moss can be part of your decor during the holidays. And just like the pine cone, it has as many faces as it has varieties, from the plump tuft to the disheveled forms of certain lichens.

A relaxing decor that smells of undergrowth: what more could you ask for?

Our decor tip: Take a little soil from the undergrowth to place your vegetable moss there and remember to spray it regularly with water to keep it healthy for a long time. Are the holidays over? You can give it a second life as a ground cover for your outdoor planters.