Smart storage in the kitchen

Smart storage in the kitchen

If the kitchen is a new space for conviviality, its often modest size requires a little ingenuity in terms of storage to gain maximum space. For this, there are smart storage accessories.


The wall credenza that is placed between the worktop and the high cupboards of the kitchen saves space while being very practical. You can hang your utensils that are used daily: spoons, tongs and even one or two pots.

The magnetic bar

Derived from the credenza, the magnetic bar is placed where you want in the kitchen to store your knives. As the name suggests, it is magnetic and holds the knives on the wall by the blade. The drawers are thus freed and you no longer risk injuring yourself when you catch a utensil.

The closet shelf

To store more things in the closet, we opt for a shelf that we place inside. This will allow you to use the entire surface of the cupboard without having to dangerously stack your dishes.

The closet bin

The closet bin attaches to the inside of the closet door. It allows you to hide it while having it close at hand. It will occupy the unused space in the cupboard under the sink.

The spice rack

To store your spices, use the place on the wall with a wall-mounted spice rack in which you will clip the jars. You can install it on a wall, in a closet or as a credenza.