Survey: you and your home today and in 10 years

Survey: you and your home today and in 10 years

An exclusive IPSOS / Le Moniteur survey on the French and their housing in the next ten years, strengthens the place of the house as a "safe haven" and shows among the French people a real desire for a breath of fresh air: many of us take a big step towards eco-housing and a more modest but real step towards the countryside! Nice then!

French people happy with their accommodation in 2010

We are still 92% satisfied with our accommodation in 2010. With a few nuances: - The owners are more satisfied than the tenants. - Residents of new dwellings more satisfied than residents of old dwellings.In terms of comfort, the same, the French consider themselves happy, with the exception of isolation, which remains a black spot: 1 in 4 French people is dissatisfied with it, as well as isolation, without pun intended, with dissatisfaction with the ability to receive telephone and internet networks.

Home as a safe haven

Home as a safe haven remains more than ever at the center of French concerns : 9 out of 10 non-owners want to buy their home, with a large preference for the detached house (76% of them), preferably new. It also translates into the appeal of the campaign which is felt for 3 out of 10 French people, and more particularly among young people. But not among Ile-de-France residents who have probably made the choice to live in the heart of large cities in all conscience.

On the way to eco-housing in the next 10 years

The French are not so much looking to expand in the coming years as to gain in comfort : more insulation and more light, energy consumption seems to be a priority. With a desire to use renewable energies: 61% of us are ready to equip our home with such a system even if it is more expensive to buy, insofar as it will make it possible to save on the bill and minimize greenhouse gases. Solar energy has become a standard for the majority of us, geothermal energy and wood are gaining ground. And many of us are in favor of systems that collect rainwater. Finally, natural materials are of great interest to the French : more than 90% for insulation and wall and floor coverings. At the top, wood for 56% of us, then stone for 26%. Exclusive IPSOS / Le Moniteur survey on French people and housing, October 2010.