Add depth to a room

Add depth to a room

Exploiting space with a clever play of colors can solve many space concerns. The different shades will play on optical effects. Here are 5 tips that will add depth to a room according to its size and shape.

For very small spaces

White or light colors are the most recommended. We fully grant the rest of the decoration, accessories and furniture, so that there is no visual disruption. White or light colors in total look will create unity in the room, with depth.

For narrow rooms

Opt for light walls in opposition to a dark floor and ceiling.

For a low ceiling room

Paintings or wallpapers with fine vertical stripes visually increase the height and give the impression of raising the ceiling.

Soils also matter

An interesting solution for floors, but you still have to be able to do it: large tiles will have a guaranteed "size" effect!

A refined decoration

In terms of decoration and layout, avoid rooms that are too heavy, too loaded that will suffocate. Choose a lighter, more airy decor to make your room a breathable and living space. You can also choose low furniture to play with horizontal lines. In a rectangular room for example, they will bring linearity and depth.