Maintain silverware

Maintain silverware

Black is the enemy of silverware… So to keep your shiny and sparkling silver objects, here are some tips that could be useful!

Daily maintenance of silverware

First of all in daily life, make sure to separate the silver from the steel in the dishwasher, the latter can blacken the silver if it is nearby. If they are cutlery or other objects not for decorative purposes, store them in a felt or plastic. Clean your silverware regularly with a cloth soaked in anti-oxidant or simply with soapy water. To make it shine, apply a chamois. Finally, consider re-silvering your items from time to time. For those who do not have food contact, apply a preparation based on silver nitrate. For the rest, it is better to contact a goldsmith.

Our tips against stains on silverware

For stains, here are some proven grandmother remedies: If the silverware is stained with egg, dip it for a few moments in the cooking water of peeled potatoes. Rub, rinse, then wipe. For vinegar stains, rub the silverware with a cloth soaked in ammonia. Against black spots, bathe your silver objects in hot vinegar for a few minutes. Note that Marseille soap is also effective in cleaning silverware.